Paid Premium Subscriber

You will have access to your very own Member management Console. Receive Alerts to email, Cell Phone, Pager. You may select from all 5 Alert Types. You may customize your alerts by State and County. Premium members will be able to log in and change alerts any time.  This access will be available as soon as you make a donation.

Paypal Subscription – Annual ($40)

Credit Card Subscription – Monthly ($4/month)

Credit Card Subscription – Annual ($40)

Commercial Subscriber

Receive Custom alert types in addition to our Normal Alerts. See below for examples. Very Popular with Restoration Companies, Public Adjusters, News Media Outlets, Large Corporations

  • Restoration Company – Owner Demographics, Real Estate Information on Fire Losses, Detailed information on Damage.
  • Media – Receive Media Only alerts, behind the scenes updates. Real Time updates on Major Incidents, Customized alerts for all Newsroom Staff

Instant Commercial Subscription – Basic Package (Currently $60/Month)